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United, we can make the Netherlands even bigger!

Dutch Royals


Dutch Royals

United, we can make the Netherlands even bigger!

Arabisch The Hague, The Netherlands

The Vision of Dutch Royals


Dutch Royals unites foreign Project Clients with Dutch architects and contractors.


As a project broker, we provide the opportunity to broaden your horizons. We bridge the gap between Dutch expertise and foreign demand, especially in Dubai, Russia and the post-Soviet States.

Thanks to our knowledge of culture and language, but also thanks to our network within the Netherlands and the aforementioned territories we can ensure that supply and demand are met.


The Netherlands is known for its creative and innovative engineering. However, it is due to the knowledge, experience and historic achievements that the Netherlands boasts that has gained it international recognition as having the world’s best engineers.

We pave the way for this creativity and quality to find its way to places in the world where this is in high demand. Where there are deficiencies we create opportunities, and in the face of barriers we create possibilities.

Dutch Royals has an extensive network within these territories. Due to our extensive cultural knowledge and language proficiency we remove any and all barriers clients may otherwise experience, therefor making the hopeful idea of projects abroad a tangible possibility.


We not only create brand awareness and increase profitability, we also tend to all language and cultural issues. We take care of all affairs, such as documentation, housing and translations. This allows our clients to focus on the project at hand!