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United, we can make the Netherlands even bigger!

Dutch Royals


Dutch Royals

United, we can make the Netherlands even bigger!

Nederlandse bouwspecialisten Amsterdam (ING House),
The Netherlands

De diensten van Dutch Royals


Dutch Royals is the link that unites Dutch engineering talent with foreign clients. Thanks to our knowledge of culture and language, but also considering our extensive experience of doing business in the United Arab Emirates, Russia and the post-Soviet states we are able to provide a comprehensive service geared towards a quick and successful completion of each project.


For our Dutch partners; we distinguish ourselves by providing:

  • Complete project support, including thorough documentation and translations, setting up contracts, arranging visas, as well as travel and accommodation.
  • The exclusive right to offer a quote on at least two projects a year, from one of our esteemed foreign clients.
  • Recurrent seminars from intriguing national and international guest speakers.


For our foreign clients, we offer:

  • Expertise in the form of an extensive network of highly qualified Dutch architects, contractors, constructors and project managers.
  • Application of relevant knowledge and innovative building techniques.
  • An all-round partner in the realization of a variety of building projects, ranging from luxurious villa’s to domestic dwellings, and from apartment complexes and shopping centers to office buildings and schools.
  • Dependable all-in-one solutions. We harness all expertise from start to finish; from the initial sketch, advice and project management through to the execution of the plan.
  • Standard fee’s and transparent billing. No unexpected or hidden costs.
  • Guaranteed successful completion of your project.